Small cat or dog cushioned cover with poly insert -dry clean chocolate brown with light blue embroidered flowers

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Small cat cushion cover with 100% polyester insert.  It is chocolate brown with light blue embroidered flowers.  Material is thin, soft and delicate.  It makes a beautiful accent to any home and your furry friend would love to lounge on this instead of the hardwood or tile floor. It is not a bed but a lounging mat to take the edge off.  It is great to travel with to a hotel so your pet will have something of his or her own to lounge around on.  This cover is also used to cover our small vinyl mats as an interchangeable cover.  The cushioned covers are great to use on a bed, couch, etc., if you want your pet to lay on that instead of bed spread or furniture. The insert is 100% mildew and water resistant.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: I recommend the cover to be dry cleaned only or you may hand wash it in cold or warm water.  It is a type of polyester.   DO NOT WASH OR DRY CLEAN THE POLYESTER INSERT.  HEAT OF ANY SORT SUCH AS A HAIR DRYER, WASHING MACHINE OR HEATERS WILL MELT IT.