Small Cat/Dog mat Vanilla Color

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Beautiful cat and small dog mat.  Fabric is considered slightly medium/heavy  and is "upholstery fabric".  If you like vanilla color this mat has a soft slightly silky feel to it.  The outer shell is dry clean only.  The insert must be removed before you take it to the cleaners.  I recommend a lint roll brush to remove the animal hair when needed.  Never put either outer shell or 100% polyester insert in the washing machine or clothes dryer.  Never put any type of heat such as a clothes dryer or hair dryer near the poly insert - it will melt it.  The true color of this mat is the picture where I unzipped the mat showing the insert. My apologies on the picture of the entire mat being slightly off - it is very hard to get the actual color at times.   If your pet is a chewer this mat may not be for you.