Small Cat Mat light cream w/ultra light grey/tan specks

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Very pretty cat and small dog fabric mat. the picture showing the inside of the mat is the true color for the outer shell.  My apologies for the picture of the mat being a little off but the color changes depending on lighting.  This mat is made from  linen type fabric with light creamy tones and tiny extremely light tan/grey flecks to give this mat a beautiful color to it.  This mat is made from medium weight upholstery fabric and being neutral in color should be a great accent color to blend with any color of furniture.  The outer shell is dry clean only and you must remove the insert before taking the fabric cover to the dry cleaners.   I recommend a lint roll brush to remove animal hair from the outer shell when needed.  The insert is 100% polyester and is mildew and water resistant.  Never put heat near the polyester insert and do not put in the clothes dryer or use a hair dryer to dry it - it will melt it.  You can take the insert and run cool/warm water over it but you only want to air dry it lay it out to dry on counter or such.  If your pet is a chewer, this mat may not be for you.