Mickey M. Small Cat Mat Chocolate/medium beige

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Vibrant dark chocolate and medium beige zebra print fabric.  This cat and small lap dog mat will be a wonderful accent to any room of your home for your furry friend. Whether it is on the furniture or the hardwood floors.  This fabric is dry clean only and  remove the insert before taking to the cleaners. I recommend using a lint brush to remove hair from the mat. Never put 100% polyester insert near any heat and do not wash the insert.  However, the insert is mildew and water resistant. Do not put insert near heat of any sort can and will melt the insert .  Great mat for your couch or chair to help keep the animal hair from getting on your furniture.  If your animal is a chewer this product may not be for you. This mat is a 21"x 25" finished.  The outer shell is not water and mildew resistant.  Enjoy!!