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Medium- Christmas cover for vinyl mat. Turn your pet mat into a Christmas decoration to coordinate with the holiday season. Material 100% light weight cotton fabric.   Check out our other interchangeable covers on our website listed at bottom of this page. If you have an idea for a particular type of fabric for a special hobby, event or holiday please feel free to email me and I will see if I can locate the fabric.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - REMOVE THE 100% POLYESTER INSERT BEFORE PUTTING THE COVER IN THE WASHING MACHINE. Do not wash the insert. You can machine wash your cover in warm or cold water or hand wash if you prefer. Machine dry the cover on delicate or fluff cycle or line dry.  DO NOT EXPOSE THE INSERT TO ANY HEAT OF ANY SORT SUCH AS A HAIR DRYER, CLOTHES DRYER OR HEATERS.  THE INSERT IS 100% POLYESTER AND WILL MELT IF PUT NEAR HEAT.