Mat - medium - marine vinyl royal blue cushioned pet mat outdoor/indoor

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35" L x 30" W  This is a gorgeous royal blue marine vinyl cushioned dog/cat mat or you can use for any pet that you want to have a cushion for.  100% water and mildew resistant and absolutely perfect for you patios so your pet can take a snoozer without having to lay on the hard concrete or deck.  As the days get hotter this mat works better if kept in the shade or filtered sunlight.  As the sun reaches hot temperatures the mat will retain that hot heat so try to keep in the shade.  If you leave your mat in the rain simply lay it over the back of a chair outside with the zipper end facing down to the ground and keep it zipped up.  The water will run out and the mat should dry in an hour or two and ready to use again.  Please look at our interchangeable covers for indoor covers and outdoor fabric covers which will keep the mat from heating up to those super hot temperatures if left in the sun. If you have an idea for a cover please email me with your fabric design or hobby and I will do my best to locate the fabric.