Mat - medium marine vinyl medium grey cushioned mat

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35" L x 30" W
Medium marine vinyl cushioned pet mat completely water and mildew resistant.  Beautiful true grey medium grey color.  Use this mat outdoors on your patio or deck so you pet does not have to lay on the hard surface to take a nap on.  If for some reason you leave it outdoors and it gets wet simply lay it over the back of a chair outdoors as you would a towel after swimming (with zipper end facing down to ground) and allow a few hours for the water to drain out.  This product is completely water and mildew resistant and will last for years as long as your pet is not a chewer.  This mat is good for any size or age pet but it is up to you to keep him from tearing it up.  Never put any of the mat in a washing machine.  Wipe down with warm hot water and mile soap.  Never expose any of this product to heat of any sort such as a hair dryer (the polyester batting will melt) and never allow any part of this mat near heat of any sort such as floor heaters, clothes dryers, hair dryers, etc.