Mat - medium- marine vinyl cushioned lime green mat

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medium marine vinyl mat for you pet to take a snoozer on while you are lounging around your patio area.  Beautiful vibrant true lime green color.  Also can be used for indoor use or while traveling to take to a hotel or friends house so your pet will have its own lounger/travel bed. Great for outdoor parks, picnics or  concerts for not only your pet but you to sit on while enjoying the outdoors.  Light weight couple of pounds or so. If your dog is a chewer this mat would not be recommended.  It will last you for years but not if your pet loves to tear up things. A nice accent piece for our patio or deck or would be nice a your daughters bedroom.  This mat is perfect to use on any hard surfaced floors whether indoor or outdoor.  Great to protect your pet against those hard surfaced floors. If left outside and it does get rained on simply lay it over the back of an outdoor chair or whatever with the zipper end facing downward to the ground (keep zipped) and allow the water to run out of it. Should take a few hours and it will be ready to use again.  Remember these marine vinyl mats are water and mildew resistant.