Mat - medium marine vinyl clay color cushioned outdoor/indoor mat

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35" L x 30" W  Superior clay color marine vinyl cushioned outdoor or indoor mat that is completely water and mildew resistant.  This product works like a charm for allowing your pet to lounge on a cushioned mat without having to put a pet bed in your den or outdoors.  What a perfect way to give them enough cushion while lounging on hardwood, tile floors or decks and concrete patios.  As you pet ages they develop arthritis as we do and it becomes very hard for them to continue laying on those hard surfaces.  This mat is the perfect travel mat to take on trips to a friends house, hotel, picnic, any where where you are sitting on the ground for not only your pet but you too.  You don't have the hassle of shaking a blanket out with all the debris sticking to the fabric.  You merely pick it up and give it a brush or two with your hand and go.  If left outdoors during a storm and it gets water on it and in it, merely lay it over the back of a patio chair with the zipper end facing the ground (do not unzip) and allow the water to drain out.  It takes an hour or two and you are ready to use it again.  Do keep in mind it only weighs approx. 2.74 lbs so the wind can and will blow it around.  I usually take mine in if I know the weather is going to be bad. NEVER EXPOSE ANY OF THIS PRODUCT TO HIGH HEAT OF ANY SORT SUCH AS HEAT FROM A HAIR DRYER, CLOTHES DRYER AND KEEP AWAY FROM HEATERS OF ANY TYPE. THIS INCLUDES THE MARINE VINYL MAT AND THE 100% POLYESTER INSERT THAT WILL MELT IF EXPOSED TO HEAT. DO NOT PUT ANY PART OF THIS PRODUCT IN A WASHING MACHINE, IT WILL RUIN IT.