Mat - medium marine vinyl bright orange cushioned outdoor/indoor mat

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35" L x 30" W   Vibrant orange marine vinyl outdoor/indoor cushioned lounging mat for your furry child that will allow them the comfort of napping on something other than that hardwood/tile floor (indoors or that hard concrete surface or deck while enjoying the outdoors.  I do not expose mine to the hot summer sun unless I cover it in one of my interchangeable outdoor covers because the super hot sun will heat it up to uncomfortable temperatures.  Early morning sun and before dusk work great - just the mid day sun when temperatures rise to uncomfortable levels or the sun directly shines on it is when you want to keep the mat in the shade or filtered sun light.  Snoozing in the moonlight is great too.  This mat is completely water and mildew resistant.   To clean wipe down with wet cloth, warm water and soap/dish washing soap.  If left outside and mat gets water in it - no worries - lay it over an outdoor chair with the zipper closed and zipper facing downward, as you would a wet towel after swimming in the pool  and leave it there for a couple of hours and it will be good to go.  If using in the yard/grass and dirt, grass or debris gets on it simply pick it up and give it a brush or two with your hand. Everything should fall right off unless it is mud then you have to wash it or hose it down then allow to dry laying over the back of a chair until all water drips out.                                                      NEVER EXPOSE ANY OF THIS PRODUCT TO HIGH HEAT OF ANY SORT SUCH AS HEAT FROM A HAIR DRYER, CLOTHES DRYER AND KEEP AWAY FROM HEATERS OF ANY TYPE. THIS INCLUDES THE MARINE VINYL MAT AND THE 100% POLYESTER INSERT THAT WILL MELT IF EXPOSED TO HEAT. DO NOT PUT ANY PART OF THIS PRODUCT IN A WASHING MACHINE, IT WILL RUIN IT.