Fluffy Stuffy Large Paneled Pillow 100% fleece powder pink cover with multi color peace signs. 100% polyester stuffing encased - Approx. 38"L x 32"W x 8.5"H -7.3 LB

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This is the perfect pillow for a girls room.  Weighing in approximately 7.3 lbs, 38"L x 32"W x 8.5"H. There is powder pink (in color) piping trim with zipper at one end.  The stuffing inside is 100% polyester stuffing encased in a black case.  You may wash the 100% fleece cover in cold or warm water ( I prefer cold water) but I would not dry it in the clothes dryer unless you put cloth dryer on "fluff only" or just  "line dry". This pillow is packed full of stuffing and makes for a tight fit so any shrinkage, at all, could made it tough to get the cover back on. The pictures show staples on one side.  We did this in case you wanted to change out the stuffing.  If we sewed it up you would not ever be able to get into the inside, if needed.  The casing and stuffing (the inside of the pillow) cannot be washed or dried - at all.  Any heat put near the casing fabric or polyester stuffing will melt it.  We only made 2 of these pillows - one large and one medium.  There is no interchangeable covers for this pillow.