Cover - Medium - Mat cover made from Solarium outdoor fabric

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Medium cushioned cover made from beautiful Solarium outdoor patio fabric that is perfect for you patios or decks.  Very colorful and great for outdoor use but can be used inside.  Outdoor fabric, as you probably know, is not considered the softest fabric but is comfortable and what they make cushions for outdoor patio furniture out of.  I chose to make outdoor mats because it is a great benefit for my pet. It is hard for my pet or myself to sit on the concrete and or deck.  I will not sit on the concrete or the deck floor and I do not expect my pet to have to lay on the hard surfaces either.  These cushions work like a charm and are very attractive. This cushion and insert is weather resistant. The polyester insert is 100% water and mildew resistant. 

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - REMOVE THE 100% POLYESTER INSERT BEFORE PUTTING THE COVER IN THE WASHING MACHINE. Do not wash the insert it is 100% water and mildew resistant. You can machine wash your cover in warm or cold water or hand wash if you prefer. Machine dry the cover on delicate or fluff cycle or line dry.  DO NOT EXPOSE THE POLYESTER INSERT TO ANY HEAT OF ANY SORT SUCH AS A HAIR DRYER, CLOTHES DRYER OR HEATERS. THE INSERT IS 100% POLYESTER AND WILL MELT IF PUT NEAR HEAT.           

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