Cover - medium - Cover made from AR Razorback 100% fleece -red/black/white

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Cover medium - Cover made from University of AR Razorback 100 % fleece fabric I found in a local retail store. I am originally an Arkansan, born and mostly raised in Arkansas I could not resist this fabric - Woo Pig Sooie!!!  The cool thing about the interchangeable covers we make, they are interchangeable and were designed to cover the vinyl mats, of the same size, in order for you to be able to change the looks of your mat for specials occasions or just because you got tired of looking at it.  When we photographed them we decided to put an insert in the cover to make it photograph better and then decided to sell them like this in case someone did not want a vinyl mat but did want a very light weight cushion for their pet.  

REMOVE the insert before washing. The fleece cover can be washed in washing machine recommend warm to cold water.  The cover only can be dried in dryer but I recommend on delicate to fluffy cycles to maintain its shape and control shrinkage.  DO NOT PUT 100% POLYESTER INSERT NEAR ANY HEAT SUCH AS WASHING MACHINE (COULD RUIN IT), HAIR DRYER, CLOTHES DRYER, OR ANY TYPE OF HEATER BECAUSE IT WILL MELT IT - trust me. Do not wash the insert in washing machine - not even in cold water.