Upholstery Fabric Padded Mats for Cats & Dogs (pick pattern & size)

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Unique, durable & stylish fabric pet mats.

These stylish, patented mats are covered with high-quality upholstery fabric (or another dry-clean-only fabric) that looks great and lasts for years. Small batches of new patterns are posted regularly. So get your favorites now before they’re gone. Note: To see a full-sized image and price, select both options below (size and pattern).
Medium (36" x 31" 1.75")
Small (25" x 21" 1.75")
Abstract Blue
Beautiful Blue Upholstery Fabric
Beautiful light-weight rayon-polyester blend brown/grey with chocolate-brown embroidery
Brushed Velvet Purple
Colorful geometric pattern
Cream Velvet
Cream with fancy botanical embroidery
Embroidered flowers
Grey heathered knit
Irregular marron embroidered dots on cream
Light-weight chocolate brown with light-blue embroidered flowers
Red Pattern
Red Velvet
Velvety Tan


Cozy mats designed to fit any decor

These mats are made in small batches. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

They are just the right thickness to provide stylish comfort to your furry companion.

Other companies sell big, fluffy cat and dog beds that fall apart quickly and lack style. But Terrye Saliba designed a durable mat that looks great and lasts a long time.

cat sitting on a designer cushion
Frank cutting upholstery fabric for a cat mat

Hand-crafted by a master upholsterer

Each unique cover is hand-made of high-quality, durable materials by third-generation master upholster Frank D in Springfield, Missouri, USA.

Designed to Last

Frank only works with a select group of designers.

His shop uses a $3,000 sewing machine to handle the thicker materials in Terrye’s designs.

Your mat will last a long time, if you don’t let your pet chew on it. See disclaimers

Frank at his sewing machine with upholstery fabric for a cat mat
Frank adding the stuffing to a cat mat

Comfy and Stylish

He fills each cushion with furniture-quality, two-inch-thick, 100% polyester padding that is made in the USA.

Note: Depending on the weight of the fabric, the padding may compress to about one and a half inches.

High-End Features

It features an upholstery zipper to allow easy access to the inside. Plus, the threaded seams add long-lasting durability.

cat on a mat on the concrete outside near some grass

One for Every Room – or Outside

Many of our customers like our premium cushioned cat and dog mats so much, they buy one for the living room, one for the kitchen, one for the bedroom. They even set one outside on nice days to protect their kitties from the concrete.

Washing Instructions

Removable Padding Insert: First remove the 100% polyester insert (do not wash the insert). Do not expose the insert to any heat, such as a hairdryer, clothes dryer, or other heaters. The insert is polyester and will melt if put near heat.

Cotton, Fleece & Outdoor Fabric Covers: Cotton and fleece may shrink. The preferred way to clean these covers is washing by hand. Put the cover in the washing machine, with warm or cold water. Machine dry the cover, on the delicate or fluff cycle, or line dry.

Upholstery Covers: Use a lint roller to remove the animal hair when needed. Dry clean only.

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Large (43" x 35" 1.75"), Medium (36" x 31" 1.75"), Small (25" x 21" 1.75")


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5 reviews for Upholstery Fabric Padded Mats for Cats & Dogs (pick pattern & size)

  1. Darla

    Here is the first mat that I purchased. It is great for the couch, bed or anywhere your cat likes to sleep.

    Upholstery Fabric Padded Mats for Cats & Dogs (pick pattern & size)
  2. Darla

    My cat liked the first one so much, I purchased a second one!!

    Upholstery Fabric Padded Mats for Cats & Dogs (pick pattern & size)
  3. Misty Reeves

    Excellent attention to detail and quality. Absolutely the best! Our cats have never been more comfortable, as you can see!

    Upholstery Fabric Padded Mats for Cats & Dogs (pick pattern & size)
    Upholstery Fabric Padded Mats for Cats & Dogs (pick pattern & size)
  4. Alycia

    Love this matt!! It’s great for keeping the cat hair off my couch!! I just use a roller to get the hair off the matt. So easy to take care of!!

    Upholstery Fabric Padded Mats for Cats & Dogs (pick pattern & size)
  5. Michelle

    My cat loves this mat. It is very soft and comfortable. Highly recommend.

    Upholstery Fabric Padded Mats for Cats & Dogs (pick pattern & size)
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