Policies and Disclaimers

Licensed Disclaimer

Doggie Digs & Cat Naps is not an agent of, an employee of, a representative of, or associated with, any of the licensed fabric manufacturers who sell their fabrics to retail stores for resale to the public.


Do not allow people or pets to chew, swallow or play with the mats, pillows, or interchangeable covers. They are not toys. These products, if swallowed, could cause choking or health problems for pets or humans. If your pets tend to chew on furniture or household items, this product is not recommended for your pet. If ingested, seek medical emergency help.

Care Instructions

  1. Never put vinyl mat or polyester cushion near high heat of any sort (hairdryer, clothes dryer, floor heaters, etc.).
  2. Never put vinyl mat or pillows in the washing machine or clothes dryer. Vinyl and 100% polyester cushion/stuffing will melt in high heat.
  3. To wipe down vinyl squeeze warm water from a cloth and wipe with mild soap and water.
  4. Naugahyde and Marine vinyl mats are great for outdoor or indoor use. It is okay to leave outside but not recommended to leave out all the time. Vinyl can fade after repeated sunlight and could possibly crack if left in extreme cold weather for long periods of time. If water accumulates inside your mat merely lay it over an outside chair or rack with the zipper facing the ground and water will run out in an hour or so. No need to unzip.
  5. Designer vinyl mats are made from a soft more delicate vinyl and are not as durable when it comes to leaving outside in rain, sleet, hail, etc. They are vinyl but a higher-end vinyl to create an expensive look. Terrye uses the designer mats inside my home to blend with my décor and maintain a touch of elegance.
  6. Fabric covers have different care instructions depending on the fabric used. Each one will have care instructions per item. I, personally, wash my washable covers, cotton, fleece, and poly/cotton, in cold water on delicate spin to maintain their shape and color. If preferred, you can hand wash. Terrye dries her covers on “light or fluff”, just enough to get the dampness out and protect from shrinkage, for 10 or so minutes. Then line dry.

Return Policy

If returned to us as an “unused new product” within 30 days of our shipping date to you – you will receive a credit to your credit card once we receive and inspect the item.

If the mat is returned for a credit and animal dander, hair or dirt is on the product we will not be able to give you a credit. Please understand, we will not be able to resale the product and it will be determined as used.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Terrye Saliba is from Arkansas and currently lives near Springfield, MO, USA.

The Naugahyde vinyl is manufactured in Wisconsin, USA. The padding is manufactured in the USA. The vinyl mats are assembled by American Stitchco Inc. Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA.

Fabric covers are hand-made by third-generation master upholster Frank D in Springfield, Missouri, USA, with high-quality textiles from around the world.