Small dog on a mat in the grass.

Unique indoor/outdoor dog bed battles rain, sleet, and snow! [VIDEO]

My amazing vinyl dog bed is so versatile, it can go wherever you want – indoors or outdoors, all year long. This stylish dog mat design is covered in premium vinyl and filled with soft padding that is durable, mildew resistant, and easy to clean.

A dog mat (dog bed) shown in the rain, sun, wind, and snow.

Now your pet can rest anywhere

Dogs are designed to lay around, stretched out, without a care in the world. They love to take a snooze on something soft. But many of the surfaces around our homes are hard. These mats turn any hard surface into a soft, cushiony place for a dog to lounge. It’s not a big fluffy bed. It’s a slim, stylish mat that takes the edge off while your pooch takes a nap or sits near you.

It’s especially good for dogs with arthritis or elderly pets. 

You can use these mats on any surface around your home:

  • Tile floors
  • Hardwood floors
  • Concrete patios
  • Garage floors
  • Wooden decks
  • Grass and dirt

This dog bed can be left out in the rain, sleet, and snow

a vinyl dog mat left out in the rain on a concrete patio

You can leave one of these cushioned dog mats in your house and leave another one outside. Or you can move the same mat back and forth, from outside to inside.

If you leave one outdoors and forget to bring it in before a storm, don’t worry about it! My patented design is water and mildew resistant. This mat can handle:

  • Rain
  • Sleet
  • Snow
  • Wind
  • Winter cold
  • Summer heat and sun

A prototype has been outside for 12 years

A vinyl dog bed buried in the snow on a wooden deck

I made a prototype of this product and left it outside for 12 years! I left it outdoors through all types of weather in southern Missouri and Central Arkansas. I never brought it inside to shield it from the rain, snow, or heat. I haven’t even cleaned and conditioned it. (Learn how to clean them.)

I wanted to see how long it would last in all weather conditions that come our way. And 12 years later, it still looks really good.

The prototype has never mildewed, cracked, or fallen apart

Here is a picture of the inside of the prototype mat. As you can see, after 12 years outside, there is no mildew and no water damage.

The outside cover also looks really good after 12 years. There are no cracks or tears from age. The sun and wind hammered this thing for over a decade, and it still looks great.

Can you say that about the pet products you currently own?

The secret to this patented design is the amazing, high-end materials I chose. These high-end materials are simple, elegant, and long-lasting.

Naugahyde is water and mildew resistant

A stack of six vinyl dog mats, each a different color

The patented, double-sided cover is made from premium, vinyl-coated fabric called All American Naugahyde® – which is the cream of the crop when it comes to vinyl. Naugahyde is an innovative vinyl-coated fabric with superior quality, outstanding durability, and exceptional performance. It resists mildew, stains, and abrasion.

Naugahyde is a soft vinyl used in upscale furniture and boating upholstery. It’s designed to last!

Plus, you’re supporting the American economy, because Naugahyde is made in the United States and my mats are manufactured in Arkansas.

The padding is also water and mildew resistant

A vinyl dog mat opened up so you can see the padding inside is mildew free
A vinyl dog mat opened up showing the padding is mildew free. (This prototype used Velcro instead of the high-quality zipper used on the current design.)

The cover also features a super-strong zipper that is mildew and water resistant to allow easy access to the inside. I designed these dog mats with a zipper, because Velcro may mildew and doesn’t last as long.

Plus, the cover is double stitched with super-strong upholstery thread for long-lasting durability.

This mat is just the right thickness to provide stylish comfort for your furry companion. It’s filled with American-made, furniture-quality, 1 ½ inch-thick, 100% polyester padding.

A great investment for pet owners

I invented this premium dog bed because I was sick and tired of buying inferior products that were cheaply made and only lasted a year or two. I’ve been a pet owner my whole life, and I found problems with many products on the market:

  • They offered limited selections of colors and styles. Many of the products were tacky looking and did not fit with high-end décor in homes. Most were made of cheap cotton with screen printed with paws or plaid prints.
  • Very few dog beds or cushioned mats are designed to stay outdoors.
  • Most products didn’t last. I had to throw them away in six months. One time, a weak zipper on a cheap dog bed busted after my 70-pound lab laid on it. I had to throw it in the trash. 
  • Other dog beds are difficult or impossible to clean without fading, shrinking, or losing shape. Our furry friends love to roll around in the dirt and dig. They track that dirt inside to their dog mats. Plus, they sometimes leave drops of urine that build up over time. These inferior mats become stinky and gross, but may be impossible to clean.

Products from Doggie Digs & Cat Naps by Terrye Saliba are made to last!

  • They can last for years!
  • They are also easy to clean and maintain. They maintain their look and shape.
  • They are stylish with a super-modern look. They actually enhance the look of your home. (We even have matching pet-bowl placemats.) 
  • We have many colors and patterns to go with your home decor and personal style.
  • They are more affordable in the long run.

You’ll be glad you invested in premium pet products. And your dogs and cats will love these products too.

How to drain the water out of the mat

If you know it’s going to rain you might bring it indoors. But if you forget, don’t worry. If you leave this mat outside in the rain, water can seep inside – but that’s no problem!

It will feel heavy when it’s wet. But when it dries, it will feel light again.

A wet vinyl dog mat laying over a wooden swing to drain.

Here’s how you dry it out:

  1. Leave it zipped shut. There’s no need to open it.
  2. Just pick it up and hang it up to dry with the zipper facing down.
  3. You can lay it over the back of a chair, or a porch swing, or over the rail to your deck.
  4. The water will drain out through the closed zipper in about an hour or two.

If you leave it out in the snow or sleet, and moisture gets inside of it, just use the same process to dry it out.

It doesn’t have to be drained entirely for your pet to lay on it outside. But don’t carry it indoors until it’s completely dry on the inside.

Doesn’t that sound easy?

Video tutorial

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